The Slovak Open Handball U12 2024 (SOH U12) tournament for young boys and girls is an open tournament and any registered or unregistered club can participate in it, regardless of the placement in the regional or other competition. The tournament will also include a mini handball tournament for boys and girls in the U10 category under the name Mini Open Handball.
In 2024, the 10th edition of the tournament will take place from June 7 to 9, 2024 in sports halls in Bratislava, Modra, Malacky, Pezinok and Stupava. The tournament is announced by the BKZH.


Important dates for registration and payments:

  • May 5, 2024 – registration deadline, submission of the club roster
  • May 27, 2024 – deadline for fees payment
  • June 3, 2024 – 100% cancellation fee for the ordered package per person


SOH U12 is tournament for boys and girls in the following age categories:
A boys – born after January 1, 2011 (U12 M)
B girls – born after January 1, 2011 (U12 W)
In the U10 category, Mini Open Handball will be for age categories:
C boys – born after January 1, 2013 (U10 M)
D girls – born after January 1, 2013 (U10 W)
Mixed teams are not allowed to play.
Younger players can also start in the respective categories. The start of older players for individual categories is not allowed. If a player older than the rules of the tournament enter the match, the team will be excluded and its matches will not be counted. Each player can play for only one team within one category. Clubs, leisure centers, school teams and others can start in the tournament, all of them start on the list confirmed by the delegating organization.
The registered club must have valid registration cards of the players belonging to the club. An unregistered club will announce this fact in advance and is obliged to complete the lists of players with proof of identity card for checking during registration.
The roster must be uploaded in Excel format to the registration profile of the team(s) after logging in directly on this website by the registration deadline.
At the latest on the day of arrival, the teams will submit a signed and stamped roster during registration.


The registration fee is 120 EUR for each registered team. Each player and member of the executive group, specified on the roster, must have purchased a Participation Card for participation in the tournament at the price of 20 EUR / person (bus drivers do not pay for the participation card). The fee for the participation card involves also the tournament T-shirt. We also offer food and accommodation in the form of the following packages:

  • package A for 90 EUR / person, includes accommodation for 2 nights in student hostel + food (dinner on Friday, breakfast + lunch + dinner on Saturday, breakfast + lunch on Sunday)
  • package B for 70 EUR / person, includes accommodation for 2 nights in school classroom + food (dinner on Friday, breakfast + lunch + dinner on Saturday, breakfast + lunch on Sunday)
  • package C for 6 EUR / person / lunch, includes lunch on Saturday and Sunday

Payment data (price, account number, variable symbol, etc.) will be listed on the invoice, which will be available to download in PDF format in the team(s) profile after logging in directly on this website after deadline for registration for the tournament.


The organizer will provide accommodation in school classrooms, or in accommodation facilities – student hostels, while the individual categories will play in the halls of one city the whole time, with the exception of the final matches, which will all be held on Sunday in Bratislava. The price for accommodation per person during the tournament is included in the relevant package. We do not provide separate accommodation beside the package.
The detailing of accommodation capacities with the inclusion of individual teams will be listed in the draw section together with the draw of matches after the deadline for registration for the tournament. In this same section, a detailing of catering facilities for individual teams will also be presented.


The organizer notices that every participant of the tournament takes part at his own risk. A health service will be present in the halls for first aid and treatment of minor injuries. In the event of an injury that requires hospital treatment, the costs of treatment or hospital stay are covered by the participants themselves. In order to be treated in a hospital, it is necessary to have a health insurance card or proof of insurance with you at all times.


The organizer awards prizes to the most successful teams of the tournament, the teams placed in the first three places in each category. The teams in first, second and third place will receive medals and a cup. Based on the performances in the matches in the final group, the best player and goalkeeper will be awarded with prizes from the tournament partners. The best scorer will be awarded based on the number of goals scored for the entire tournament.